Homeowners say:

Dream Retirement Home

We built our retirement dream home!

We purchased a lot at Carefree Cove in 2002 with the intention of building a retirement home there some day. As we visited the area more and met other owners, we thought why are we waiting until retirement to do this? So, in 2012 we built our log cabin dream home! For six years, we spent half the year in Florida and half the year at Carefree Cove. We often said that we had the best of both worlds!

However, each fall it became harder and harder for us to leave the beautiful mountains of NC. In 2018 we sold our Florida home and became full-time residents at Carefree Cove. We love living in a place where we can experience the four seasons and we continue to be awestruck by the beauty of the area!

We were initially attracted by the LGBT community but love our liberal, straight neighbors for the diversity that they bring to our community, too. We are so happy to be living in a community where neighbors are friends who socialize together and look out for each other. We definitely feel that we are living our dreams!

Suzanne and Dawn
Lot #30