Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Carefree Cove

Carefree Cove began in the year 2000 with 165 acres of pristine North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountain woodlands. Created by CGR Development to be a safe and exclusively gay and lesbian community, the initial lots were quickly purchased by LGBT women and men looking for a place all their own where they can just be themselves.

CGR Development

One of the main elements of the development is the gated entrance you see under construction here. The original gate and posts still serve today although the mechanics of the large ornate gate were upgraded recently.

The gate has become a symbol of security and privacy. It marks the space within as not just another neighborhood, but a community.

It is also noteworthy that at the time of the development B.H. Duncan, the access road to the Cove, was a narrow one lane gravel road. The road has since been widened and black topped.


The entrance stone was etched with pride. The early lot owners attended meetings, met for meals at the local Daniel Boone restaurant and planned to build their dream log homes in their new community.

Boone North Carolina
It was an exciting time...

There is still a sense of pride to have been one of the original members of the Cove. There are many stories of the challenges with contractors, the elements and the lessons learned about building on the wooded slopes that surround the Cove holler.


The stream that runs throughout the Cove is a natural watershed from the surrounding area. Here you see the waterfall constructed as the water leaves the pond on it’s way to Hoskin Fork.

Great care has been taken to preserve the natural beauty of the Cove. The mountain stream, the towering trees and the prolific wildlife of the area.

The Roads

The greatest effort, expense and asset to the community is the relatively generous and well maintained roads throughout the community.

Rainbow Ridge at sunrise
Sometimes I am speechless...

The severe cut slopes were originally seeded with Love Grass. As the years have passed some slopes have been repopulated with black berries, wood ferns, natural rhododendrons and the ever present locust tree.

Ranging from 3,000 to 3,700 feet the roads are the life line that allows us to live among the wonders of nature. It is a privilege and a responsibility that is still felt in the community as it continues to grow today.

Shared private drive in fall

The Association

The original master plan as filed with the county planning office shows additional ponds, clubhouse and lots that never made it to the final development.

Lot sales were brisk through 2006, but slowed in 2007/2008 and essentially stopped at the beginning of the 2008/2009 recession.

The Association became owner controlled in May of 2016. Homeowners created a board, increased the amount of common property and rewrote the governing documents. The community also became more inclusive and diverse with married and single straight, gay and lesbian men and women.

As of 202o, the 20th anniversary of the Cove, there are 78 lots with 28 predominantly log or log sided homes. This mountain community has matured into a vibrant active group with many get-together s, a book club, a garden club and a helping hand whenever a neighbor needs one. Owners hail from all over the country and share in the appreciation of the natural beauty and culture of the North Carolina Highlands.

The original Carefree Cove road sign and the sign today

The entrance to the Cove before, during and after construction

The original entrance stone and the same stone today

Waterfall construction and the same waterfall today

Road construction and the same road today

The original master plan, the same plan with the phase map overlaid and the lot map today